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Dirty Boris is a dance music producer from the UK, born in 1985, specialising in mainly Techno, Tech House an Minimal genres.

The journey began when he decided to start learning how to produce dance music in 2009, alongside good friend and fellow producer Ricky Carduelis. 

After a trip to Ibiza and a night out in the famous space nightclub, they both witnessed a intense high after experiencing a live set by the likes of Dubfire and legendary Carl Cox. This night changed everything for them. 

From that day they both shook hands and promised each other that they were going to both learn how to create dance music together. After a hard 2 years of stress, commitment, determination and sunday sessions together locked away in the studio learning the hard way, only now in 2011 are things starting to come together after being signed to UK dance label Jackalfunk with their first song Defiance.

With only 2 years experience behind them from their use of spare time and the much doubt that's been witnessed in the past, they are now determined to keep fighting to make their mark in the music scene and to most of all keep that promise alive that was first made in space nightclub. . . . . To succeed!